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Praise for CUTTIN' UP

“. . . a poignant and enlightening oral history.”

—People Magazine

“As soulful as a mouthful of collard greens…”

—DeWayne Wickham / USA TODAY

“It’s a fun book, but it’s also a book that teaches. For those who love  history that is rich and deep, this is a grand way to get it.”

—Ed Gordon / NPR

“A perfect portrait of barbershop life—and of African-American history and culture.”

—Spotlight Magazine

“(Marberry) presents such pitch-perfect portraits of black men sharing laughs and telling stories about life that the reader feels as if they’re sitting right there in the barber’s chair.”

—Black Issues Book Review

“(The stories in CUTTIN' UP) help illuminate the human experience.”

—Chicago Tribune

“. . . the words of pundits, comedians, critics, and advice-givers reveal ways in which the barbershop has been for years a place of community, a classroom, and a haven.”

—American Legacy

“Complete with black-and-white photographs, this small gem captures the wit and wisdom of barbers and their patrons . . .”


Praise for CROWNS

“. . . women’s moving, often hilarious musings on the cultural and spiritual significance of their headgear. These are some fierce women worth knowing.”

—O: The Oprah Magazine

“ . . . CROWNS is a lot like sitting on your mother’s bed as she gets dressed. That’s where the secrets are shared, stories fly, and rituals passed down.”

—L.A. Times

“Captures not only the self-expression women have found in exotic hats over the decades, but a rich oral history of the cultural landscape in which they lived, which explains why hats were so important.”


“The stories . . . are funny and poignant.”

—The New York Times

“This book has a special place in my heart.”

—Dennis Moore / USA Today


“. . . fascinating survey of intriguing Harlemites.”

— The Washington Post

“. . . SPIRIT OF HARLEM is more than something to have on your coffee table to impress friends; it’s a book you’ll read, over and over again.”


“ . . . a fascinating collection of 50 essays and photographs that captures the essence of the place that has served as the cultural center of Black America . . . “


“While the photos are largely conventional, many of the personal histories deserve their own books.”

—Publishers Weekly

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